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Saturday 25/Jan/2020 12:48:30 UTC
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23 Gary Mills

Monday 17/Jul/2017 18:17:30 UTC
Saw you on the BBC tonight Jerry. Very sad & moving story but inspiring at the same time. I've always been a plane nut so to me you are one of my heroes just for your flying career! But Guinness?! I ask you! Dreadful stuff. I used to be a lager man till I discovered Bitter. Take care mate.

Best wishes

22 Gwynne Furlong

Monday 17/Jul/2017 18:13:13 UTC
Hi Jerry, Just seen your piece on the NWest news. Are you aware of Regain maybe we can help each other? Please take a look at
21 Rick Skoyles

Thursday 08/Jun/2017 19:21:45 UTC
Hi Jerry,,

Really sorry to hear your news but so glad to see that true spirit we all admired on No 56 IOT.

Please let me know you're news and I hope you're accepting 'old' visitors - would be good to catch up Rick
20 Ray Thaw

Friday 07/Apr/2017 06:58:15 UTC
Jerry, great seeing and speaking. St Emo's Fire live and acoustic in the Albert Hall....gotten very misty in here tater.
19 andy holmes

Monday 20/Mar/2017 22:49:20 UTC
Jerry Glad to see that you are still a fantastic guy. I am going to make the effort and see you on the next manchester run. All the best andy holmes airtours/myt ops manchester
18 Ann

Friday 15/Jul/2016 12:25:16 UTC
Hi Jerry, this is Ann, Jessica's mother. You have a very good website. A face book page would be great to keep up with what you are doing. Am sure by the look of it you would have many face book fans. I am sure many people would be inspired by what you are doing.
17 Val & John Channon

Wednesday 23/Dec/2015 17:46:13 UTC
Hi Jerry,Sorry if this contact is not our usual style but we have mislaid your address. We have received your annual missive and wish you all the usual greetings for this yuletide and the forthcoming new year. We hope that this message finds you all in good fettle. Please email your address so that we do not have to use this impersonal system. All the best, Val & John
16 Charles Monsell

Sunday 01/Nov/2015 14:06:46 UTC
Hi Jerry,

I too was a pilot at Thomas Cook but we’ve never met as I came from “the blue side”! I flew with many of your colleagues over the years who told me of your courage, and I would like to send my best wishes.


15 Maria Beardsworth

Wednesday 09/Sep/2015 03:57:35 UTC
Hi Jerry, I had the pleasure of meeting you at Southport hospital in August. I just wanted to send you a note to say hi and send my best wishes. You truly are an inspiration x
14 Brian Seaman

Wednesday 02/Sep/2015 17:36:54 UTC
Hi Jerry, We've never met, but I heard about you through John Ward's daughter. I've made a donation to your cause and would like to wish you well on behalf of John and his family. Cheers, Brian
13 Luke Bidwell

Monday 11/May/2015 07:02:28 UTC

I have a couple of wonderful pictures of your team with Haile Gebreselassie getting ready to push you off. Drop me a line on my e-mail and I'll send them over for you.
12 Janet Davidson

Tuesday 14/Apr/2015 14:24:30 UTC
Just read about your extraordinary life in The Log. Talk about ups & downs! And you've turned such a down into such a major opportunity - great courage & vision. I hope the Big Push goes smoothly for you this year, and the weather cooperates!

Do you have a Facebook page? I can't see a link on here, but would follow you on there if you did :)
11 Peter Stubbs

Friday 06/Feb/2015 20:05:59 UTC
Hi Jeremy. Very sorry to hear of your accident, but pleased to read of the fantastic progress you have made. Your story is absolutely inspirational.

I think we last met at Coningsby just before you left the RAF, when I was just taking over the RAF section at SAS. I ran the section for a few years before taking over as contingent commander after the demise of GEP and NAWS until 2003 when I retired from school. Faut de mieux I was re-appointed OCRAF until I finally retired a couple of years ago. The CCF continues to thrive and the RAF section is still getting in plenty of flying (Wyton), gliding (Halton) and station visits, despite the ever lessening opportunities for the latter. The cadets all got on the Cyprus camp last year- a case of WHO you know, rather than What! My last camp was at Waddington two years ago.

I will continue to follow your blogs and wish you well.

best regards

Peter Stubbs aka Stubbsy 6(^)6
10 Stuart

Tuesday 12/Aug/2014 15:12:18 UTC
Hi Jerry, hope all good with you and still going well, Just wanted to say hello. Been a bit busy here organising a firewalk for the local hospital charity (have a look if you get a Mo. Take Care love to the family
9 sandra ball

Wednesday 21/May/2014 18:10:47 UTC
you are a true inspiration and I was amazed to read your story, what you have been through and how you have adapted to a new life. I was sent a link which led me to this page, my husband was injured at C1 and is complete, we are now into the 5 month and so much you wrote mirrors what we are going through at the moment. My very best wishes to you.
8 Mick

Saturday 10/May/2014 19:14:09 UTC
Just read about your Tiger Moth flight; excellent read and I understand your feelings about being in the air again. Our Dakota flying really was great fun, even if our exploits get exaggerated a tad at every telling. You have slimmed down a bit since she called you 'fatty', what's the secret, I have to walk on our trains to delightful to destinations such as Cardiff and Weymouth from Bristol to ease off my excess weight! Great to see you on Friday. 6(^)6
7 Alison Oaks

Friday 14/Feb/2014 11:03:22 UTC
Dear Jeremy, I've just found this website - still shocked and amazed. What an inspiration you are. We have not seen one another in over 35 years as we lost touch around 1980 - I was married to Steve (who I have been trying to find for years after losing touch in 2001) - I have just been reading your story, and am very moved. What an amazing man you are. My hearfelt wishes go out to you and all your family; I would love to hear from you - Alison