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Monday 18/Nov/2019 08:17:49 UTC
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8 Mick

Saturday 10/May/2014 19:14:09 UTC
Just read about your Tiger Moth flight; excellent read and I understand your feelings about being in the air again. Our Dakota flying really was great fun, even if our exploits get exaggerated a tad at every telling. You have slimmed down a bit since she called you 'fatty', what's the secret, I have to walk on our trains to delightful to destinations such as Cardiff and Weymouth from Bristol to ease off my excess weight! Great to see you on Friday. 6(^)6
7 Alison Oaks

Friday 14/Feb/2014 11:03:22 UTC
Dear Jeremy, I've just found this website - still shocked and amazed. What an inspiration you are. We have not seen one another in over 35 years as we lost touch around 1980 - I was married to Steve (who I have been trying to find for years after losing touch in 2001) - I have just been reading your story, and am very moved. What an amazing man you are. My hearfelt wishes go out to you and all your family; I would love to hear from you - Alison
6 Dave Williamson

Friday 31/Jan/2014 17:24:35 UTC
Hi Jeremy,

I only recently heard of your accident and wanted to send best wishes, although we haven't seen each other these past nearly 40 years. I used to build model aircraft with you and Andy Sibley round at your house in St. Albans. I do remember having a most enlightening pillion ride on the back of your old Yamaha, when you showed what can be done on just one wheel in heavy traffic! Do get in touch sometime.


Dave Williamson.
5 Tony Stellmacher

Saturday 04/Jan/2014 20:44:14 UTC
Happy New Year.

Just enjoying a quiet moment rereading all your news via your website. You’re certainly lucky to be alive and good to see that you enjoy great support from supremely supportive family and friends.
4 Julian Little

Wednesday 28/Aug/2013 15:11:46 UTC
Hi Jez (Jerry),

Stumbled across your website after receiving an email from the OA which made me look up a few people. I knew you had joined the RAF but nothing more. Still have some memories of our capers together e.g. :- your nurses uniform during the Harpenden pram race, drinks in the pub after working on the market stall (aged 17) laden down with bags of fruit and veg, darts in the Engineers, your green Yamaha 350, mending the table football table during Art and being quizzed by Pincoch, watching the cricket on Nomansland from the Ice Cream van.

Sorry to hear of your current plight and best wishes with your endeavours, which appear to be more and more challenging each time.


3 Pipes

Thursday 01/Aug/2013 18:06:16 UTC
Hi Jerry, got your email and am in process of replying - will send a few photos. Speak soon. Pipes
2 Paul (Smiles) Milnes

Wednesday 31/Jul/2013 21:43:45 UTC
I had no idea about your "prang" until I came across your web site link in your profile, which I discovered via the CRABS group on LinkedIn. Am now reading up on your adventures (while I am supposed to be working!)- bloody amazing - but then you always were larger than life (ouch - sorry!). :-D
1 Keith Mercer

Sunday 26/May/2013 09:22:55 UTC
Hi Jerry,

I am in Mumbai and have just stumbled upon your website. I used to fly for Airtours, leaving in 2005 to join Virgin. Through friends I remember hearing about your accident and feeling numb even though I didn't personally know you. I am truly inspired by the progress you have made and the way you have conducted yourself over the last 5+ years. The enthusiasm and zest for life you have displayed is incredible and I feel humbled by your actions in the face of adversity. Clearly the amazing support from your family and friends has been instrumental in providing the focus for your recovery. I wish you all the very best for your future and am donating £25 to your website which is solely to be used for a Kingfisher and your favourite curry!! Warm regards. Keith