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Saturday 20/Jul/2019 14:09:12 UTC
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2 Paul (Smiles) Milnes

Wednesday 31/Jul/2013 21:43:45 UTC
I had no idea about your "prang" until I came across your web site link in your profile, which I discovered via the CRABS group on LinkedIn. Am now reading up on your adventures (while I am supposed to be working!)- bloody amazing - but then you always were larger than life (ouch - sorry!). :-D
1 Keith Mercer

Sunday 26/May/2013 09:22:55 UTC
Hi Jerry,

I am in Mumbai and have just stumbled upon your website. I used to fly for Airtours, leaving in 2005 to join Virgin. Through friends I remember hearing about your accident and feeling numb even though I didn't personally know you. I am truly inspired by the progress you have made and the way you have conducted yourself over the last 5+ years. The enthusiasm and zest for life you have displayed is incredible and I feel humbled by your actions in the face of adversity. Clearly the amazing support from your family and friends has been instrumental in providing the focus for your recovery. I wish you all the very best for your future and am donating £25 to your website which is solely to be used for a Kingfisher and your favourite curry!! Warm regards. Keith