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When Jerry suffered this tragic accident, the only thing his family and friends could do was to hope and pray that he would pull through and return home safely. It was later when the full extent of his injuries became apparent that the ramifications of what had happened to him started to become clearer and almost to difficult to contemplate, particularly for Jane, Rachel and Sam. They are getting through the emotional turmoil caused by the accident but there is still a long way to go.
When the head of a family suddenly finds, through an accident which was no fault of his own, that his earnings potential has been severely and irrevocably reduced, he knows the family will face some very difficult financial problems. In addition, when he also knows that he can do absolutely nothing to remedy that situation, that feeling of helplessness is hard to resist. Jerry and his familly need all the help they can get from friends and family and no matter how small that help may be it will be very welcome. Whilst compensation from the Company through their employee insurance schemes will go some way towards providing a breathing space in the short term, the longer term will need careful and sympathetic consideration and large sums of money.
For example, anticipating Jerry's can return home from Southport, significant and expensive alterations have been carried out to the house. These have provided a specially adapted bathroom and toilet on the ground floor as well as sleeping, recreational and continuing rehabilitation facilities. Many of the doorways and floor levels have been altered to enable Jerry to obtain easy access to most parts of the house. Specific equipment will be needed simply to lift Jerry into and out of bed and into and out of a wheel chair and the wheel chair itself will need to be fitted with bespoke electronic controls if Jerry is to enjoy a modicum of independance.
If the family are to be able to to share outings together or take Jerry to further rehabilitation classes or to wherever he needs to go, a specially converted and comfortably motor vehicle comes high on the list of absolute musts. To help judge what Jerry and Jane really need in the longer term, they have purchased a secondhand adapted Peugot called Pug (see the Photo Album). Other items of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment will need to be purchased in order to allow Jerry and his family to optimise the quality of their life together.
Finally, and probably the most important requirement of all, is the need to provide full time professional and personal nursing care for Jerry which will not only look after all his needs but will also materially reduce the strain which inevitably falls on the shoulders of his family. Such detailed care is needed for life and is very expensive.
The Trust is appealing to you to help Jerry and his family face an uncertain and difficult future by donating as much as you can to the Trust Fund. Arranging fund raising events such as diner parties, bring a buy sales, garage sales, car boot sales, sponsored walks or swims and many others can not only be a way of helping Jerry but also you might find it quite good fun.
Many of you have already made very generous donations. To all of you, the Trustees send their heart felt thanks.
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You may write a cheque made out to "The Jerry Ward Trust Fund" and send it to John Hart, Secretary, whose address is set out on the page "About The Trust". Alternatively you can donate over the net using the PayPal button.
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