A Message From The Trustees

The continued response from all of you, his family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances to our appeal for donations to the Fund, set up for Jerry, has been truely generous and remarkable. We feel very humble in the face of such a display of friendship and concern for Jerry’s well being.

As you probably all know, Jerry is at home now but it has not been without a few hiccups along the way. However, the longer he is at home, the more familiar his immediate family and carers become with the routine needed to keep him fit and happy. It is not an easy responsibility to fulfill and there will be occasions when Jerry will have to return to Southport but hopefully those occasions will be few and of short duration.

The Trust is doing all it can to help by using the donations which you have kindly made to the Fund, to provide Jerry and his family with services and specialized equipment to meet their specific needs. We are sure you will be interested to know something about what the Fund has done so far.
The F1 chair was mainly funded by BALPA and the RAF Benevolent Fund and has been put to good use. It still needs some development to give Jerry more degrees of freedom and that is underway. The Fund has made a major contribution to the cost of providing a custom built wet room which Jerry uses every day. Other parts of the house, such as doors, have had to be modified in order to provide Jerry with easy and safe access to most of the ground floor. The need for an array of electronic communication and control equipment is clear to see. So far the Fund has provided a high end desktop computer with a bit of future proofing included, a custom built desk and an amazing mouth activated mouse. This has given Jerry a valuable window on the world around and about and to the internet which means he can now begin to communicate with you. To make communication even better, the Fund provided Jerry with a sophisticated piece of software which provides voice activation for the computer. It was somewhat difficult to set up but is now working fine. For the future, voice activated controls for TV, radio, heating and lighting and many others are being evaluated.
Specialized equipment is very costly and hence it is important for the Trust to be sure that anything which we do provide, does serve its purpose and has a reasonably long life span. However we still need your help. We appreciate that these are difficult and trying times for many of you but please remember Jerry. Your donations are helping us to help him to enjoy the best possible way of life that he can.
Thank you so very much.